Why is BBall Paul Out of the Mud?

So why is BBall Paul out the mud? What’s the point of drafting the 6-foot-9 big man from South Carolina? Is it so he can dominate the NBA? Obviously, no. But that doesn’t mean he won’t put in the work and grind.

Here’s what we know about Reed and his NBA career. He’s already been selected 58th overall, and his draft status is an issue.

Why is BBall Paul Out the Mud

In the NBA draft, many second-round picks are longshots. The Philadelphia 76ers drafted Reed with the 58th overall pick last year. But Reed’s rookie season was a smashing success, and he quickly became a fan favorite. He even got his own hashtag, “BBall Paul,” thanks to the internet.

In addition to making the 76ers’ roster, Reed also won MVP honors in the NBA G League and showed off his skills in limited minutes in the NBA. With the season ending, the 76ers are expected to give Paul Reed an opportunity to improve his game.

The Sixers’ fans have been following Reed’s G League debut with bated breath. When things weren’t going well, Reed would tweet, “Out the Mud!” to encourage himself.

This phrase has since become a rallying cry for Reed. Fans are notorious for getting on their players when they don’t play their best, so they would be willing to do whatever they can to help Reed.

Where is Paul Reed?

It’s easy to ask, “Where is Paul Reed?” and find a million answers on Google, but what’s Reed’s role? Reed will likely be the backup center in Philadelphia 76ers and the team needs a veteran presence on the bench.

But he’ll have to prove his worth on the court. Reed’s performance so far against the Heat has been disappointing, but he’s still worth watching. In the meantime, he’ll continue to work.