How to Charge Wireless Earbuds

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One of the most common questions that new users of wireless earbuds have is how to charge wireless earbuds. Although there are a variety of methods you can charge wireless earbuds via a USB cable, they all share a common feature.

A charging case is necessary to keep your earbuds in good condition. The charging case should contain a Micro USB charging cable. You can use this cable to charge your iDevice without worrying about damaging the battery.

How To Charge Your Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

  1. USB charging cable not needed
  2. Place Earbuds in the charging case
  3. Press button on the charging case
  4. Red light turns blue or green when charging complate
  5. Earbuds charging
  6. Use USB charging cable to recharge the case

When you first purchase wireless earbuds, you’ll find a charging case that holds the earbuds in place. Close the case and the battery will automatically recharge.

How to Charge Wireless Earbuds

The charging time will vary, but typically, about 30 minutes will allow you to enjoy several hours of music. To make the process easier, you can charge both the case and the earmold separately. It will take a few hours to fully charge one earbud, so you can use it while listening to music.

To ensure a longer battery life, you should charge wireless earbuds frequently and make sure that they are at 80%. If they are below 20%, it’s likely that there’s a bug with the software. To solve this issue, you should update the app on your smartphone or try using a wireless charger.

In case your current earbuds don’t have a wireless charger, you can always buy a new one and keep them in a case.

Can you charge earbuds with a USB cable?

To charge your earbuds with a USB cable, you must first remove the battery from your headset and plug the earbuds into the charging adapter.

To do so, insert the micro USB cable into the jack on the end of the cable and plug it into your PC. When the jack is fully inserted, the charging light should turn on. You can also charge your headphones using the charging adapter included in their carrying cases.

Can you charge earbuds with the case?

The charging case can be used to recharge earbuds, but you need to make sure you use the correct charger for your earbuds. Typically, manufacturers include a charger in the box of their products, but it’s a good idea to use the same one.

Different chargers can cause internal circuit damage. Also, clean the pins and pads with alcohol and remove dust particles.

What you should do if your earbuds are not charging

If you are wondering what to do if your earbuds aren’t charging, this guide is for you. There are several things you can check to make sure that your earbuds aren’t losing charge.

Before you start, make sure that the acoustic port on your headphones is closed and not bent or detachable. Also, you should check whether the in-ear gels are placed snugly around the acoustic port. Otherwise, the acoustic port will not properly hold the buds in place.

Can You Charge Earbuds and the Case at the Same Time?

If you are thinking of purchasing wireless earbuds, you may be wondering if you can charge the case at the same time. While you can charge your wireless earbuds using the case, it is best to avoid charging them after their battery is completely depleted.

This will reduce their battery life. Fortunately, lithium ion batteries do not overcharge and will indicate how much charge they have left on them. If the indicator reaches 100 percent, the earmbuds will stop taking charge.

Can You Overcharge Your Earbuds?

Usually, manufacturers include an in-box charger, but you can also purchase additional chargers. When charging your earbuds, you should only use the one that came with your headphones.

Using a different type of charger may damage the battery. When re charge wireless earbuds, it is recommended to leave your plugged-in headphones plugged in for one to two days.

Should Earbuds Always be in the case When not in use?

If you are constantly opening and closing your earbud case, you can severely decrease the battery life of your wireless earbuds. Not only does this waste energy, but it also consumes a significant amount of charge as the ion batteries continuously try to pair with your device.

To reduce the power consumption of your ion-powered earbuds, you can use just one ion-powered earmuff at a time. This will enable you to continue listening to music until your earbud case runs out of charge.

Final Thoughts

Charge Wireless Earbuds is simple. Make sure you use the included charger. Do not use a different charger as this can damage the internal circuits. Clean the pins and pads often to prevent ear wax and dust from sticking to the port.

If you are unable to find the original charger, buy a new one. You can also buy a case for your headphones. When charging your earmuffs, always keep them in a clean and dry environment.