What Are the Actual Dimensions of a 55 Inch TV?

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When talking about the dimensions of a 55 inch Tv, manufacturers often refer to the screen diagonal, not the actual dimensions. Because the screen is not surrounded by a bezel, the dimensions are not always identical.

For example, a 55-inch TV may only measure 47.9 inches wide, while the height is around 27 inches. If you’re interested in purchasing a new TV, you should know the exact size of the screen before purchasing it. Aside from the screen size, you’ll need a suitable stand for your new television.

What Are the Dimensions of a 55 Inch TV?

Here are the Long and Wide Dimensions of a 55 inch TV in cm and mm

55 Inch47.9″27″ 
55 Inch121.7 cm68.6 cm

If you’re planning to buy a new television for your living room, you’ll want to consider the screen size and its resolution. A 55-inch screen is considered a standard size for a television screen.

For example, a 55-inch 4K TV will have a screen size of 4.75 inches, which is the largest resolution available. This makes a 55-inch television appear a bit too big for some rooms.

But don’t let the size scare you – this television is not just about the screen size. It is also important to consider the viewing distance of a television.

TV manufacturers measure the screen size from left to right. The width must include the viewing area, which is the portion of the screen that shows the content. If a television has speakers, count them as well.

Lastly, the depth is important. It should measure between four and six inches from left to right, including the speakers on either side of the screen. If you can’t find the exact dimensions, you’re in luck.

How to Estimate the Size of a 55 Inch TV

Actual Dimensions of a 55 Inch TV

If you are looking to buy a new 55-inch TV, you’ll need to determine how large the screen is. This is easier said than done. To calculate the diagonal dimensions of a 55 inch TV, start by measuring the width of the screen. Measure from one corner. From top to bottom, measure the height as well. Make sure to measure the bezel and frame as well.

How far should you sit from a 55 inch TV?

How far should you sit from a 55-inch television? The recommended viewing distance for televisions of this size is thirty degrees.

However, you may feel more comfortable watching a movie at a slightly closer distance. In general, you should sit between 5 and 8 feet from a television.

This distance is shorter when compared to the 75 Inch TV dimension distance (6 and 9 feet away from your screen), For a smaller television, you should sit at a distance of about 7 to 8.5 feet.