10 Most Expensive Fish to Eat in The World

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There are several factors that contribute to the price of the most expensive fish to eat. These include the type of seafood and how much it costs to catch it. While some fish are relatively inexpensive, others are more expensive than others.

Some of the most expensive types of fish are farmed while others are wild-caught. The price you pay for a common seafood dinner depends on whether you prefer to splurge or make your own meal.

1. Japan tuna (Bluefin tuna)

Most Expensive Fish to Eat Bluefin tuna

The first Expensive Fish to Eat is Japanese tuna Bluefin tuna was caught in Miyagi and Nagasaki prefectures. They were not favored in Edo because they lost a lot of their freshness on the long journey.

The fatty part of the fish was not even able to survive the trip due to the lack of refrigeration. The earliest versions of Japan’s tuna were made with the kama, which is one of the fattiest parts of the fish. The fatty part of the fish is called aburi toro.

2. Puffer fish (fugu)

Puffer fish fugu Expensive Fish to Eat

While fugu is one of the most expensive fish popular types of sushi, many people are unaware of its dangers. The flesh of fugu is loaded with toxin, tetrodotoxin, produced by bacteria in the fish’s organs.

While only half a milligram of tetrodotoxin is toxic to the average man, it does give the fish a unique flavor and elicit feelings of euphoria and warmth in its eaters.

3. Swordfish

Swordfish fish

The Swordfish is a migratory fish that lives in tropical waters. It has two anal fins, the second smaller than the first, and lacks pelvic fins. Its caudal fin is lunate and possesses a prominent keel.

It can grow to about three feet (1 m) in length. The first dorsal fin is the most distinctive part of the Swordfish.

4. Yellowfin tuna (ahi)

The name Ahi refers to two different species of tuna – the Bigeye and the Yellowfin. The Bigeye is plump and has a large head and eye. It is also caught in deeper, cooler waters than the Yellowfin, which makes it a favorite among sashimi eaters.

Both varieties have similar nutritional profiles, and are interchangeable. They are often harvested from the same area, although some areas yield higher yields and more flavorful fish.

5. Wild king salmon

Wild king salmon

If you love salmon, a meal with wild king salmon may be just what you’re looking for. King salmon meat is delicious and nutritious, and it will make your dinner a memorable experience.

But how can you get the best wild king salmon? The answer is a bit complicated, but it is very simple: if you follow a few simple steps, you can enjoy a delicious meal every time. The price of wild sockeye and kokanee is usually $30 to 70 per pound.

6. Halibut

Halibut Most Expensive Fish to Eat

Unlike many other fish, halibut has a relatively low calorie content. However, the amount of calories in halibut varies greatly depending on how it is prepared. Despite its high calorie content, halibut is generally safe for consumption.

Regardless of its nutritional value, eating this fish should only be done on a regular basis. It is important to know that halibut contains some mercury, which is a toxic heavy metal. While halibut is usually not harmful to your body, it should not be consumed by people who are hypertensive or have renal disease. It is also not recommended for people with seafood allergies.

7. Atlantic Salmon

atlantic salmon fish

The Atlantic Salmon is a large fish native to the north Atlantic Ocean. The fish begins its life as a bright silver color and darkens to a rich red, brown, green, or black.

The color of the salmon depends on the river, turbidity, and light intensity. The darker rivers produce darker salmon. Male salmon develop a hump on their back and enlarged teeth. They also have hooked lower jaws.

8. Coffin bay king oyster fish

The Coffin Bay king oyster is a Pacific oyster that is very large and ten times meatier than a normal oyster. Its unique shell allows it to remain dry and is also a unique souvenir.

The Coffin Bay koa is a prized catch of South Australia and is worth a trip to the Coffin Peninsula. It is a unique delicacy and the best place to try it is at the famous Coffins Bay Oyster Farm.

9. Chinook Salmon

In their habitat, the Chinook Salmon has a diverse range of habitats. Changes to their freshwater environment can significantly impact their life cycle. In recent years, changes to freshwater ecosystems have been most prominent.

Timber harvesting, agricultural practices, urbanization, and stormwater pollution have all degraded their aquatic environments. As a result, the Chinook has suffered from a dramatic decline in population size. The good news is that there is hope for the future.

10. Russian Sturgeon


The Russian sturgeon fish is most expensive fish a prized species of fish. This species is native to Russia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, and Turkmenistan. It is in a critically endangered status due to habitat destruction.

Overfishing, overhunting, and dam construction have destroyed 70 percent of the Russian sturgeon’s spawning grounds. To save the Russian sturgeon, you can help preserve its natural habitat by donating to a charity or by purchasing a stuffed sturgeon.

Bottom line

If you’ve ever wondered about most expensive fish, you’ve probably heard of Bluefin tuna. It’s one of the most expensive fish in the world, but it’s not the only one that can break the bank.

In fact, it can even set you back more than a week’s salary. And if you’ve ever eaten sushi made with this type of fish, you know how much money that can cost!