What is Malik Monk Career High?

Malik Monk isn’t sure what his career high is, but he can probably claim it as being the most impressive outing of his college basketball career.

Last season, he scored 61 points in just 11 minutes against Michigan State. He shot 7-of-11 from three-point range, and added a pair of clutch free throws in the final minutes. That’s good enough for a career high in the NBA.

Malik Monk Career High

The question that’s been plaguing fans since Monk signed with the Cavs has become more difficult to answer. Monk’s production is so high, his teammates will be hard-pressed to replace him. However, he’s improving in all aspects of his game, from efficiency to shot creation.

His 41 points against the Miami Heat in January were a career high, and the emergence of his teammates’ star power has helped him become a better scoring guard overall.

Even though Monk has never really gotten hot, he’s been inconsistent on defense. Many opponents have found a way to blow him wide open for baskets and assists. However, he is only 23 years old, so there’s plenty of time to improve in that area. There are plenty of other reasons for Malik Monk’s inconsistency. Just look at his recent numbers.

In his one season at Kentucky, Malik Monk averaged 19.8 points per game while shooting 38.6% from three-point range. In December of 2016, he set a Kentucky freshman scoring record by scoring 47 points against UNC. On January 30, 2017, he scored 33 points on 5 for 7 three-point shooting against Ole Miss, and he added four assists and a steal. On the whole, he averaged 17.9 points over the last eight games he played for the Cats.

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How much does Malik Monk make?

If you’re wondering how much Malik Monk makes, you’ve come to the right place. The NBA has a minimum salary of $1.8 million for a player of his caliber.

But the Lakers cannot pay him more than that because they are over the cap. Monk is due to hit free agency this summer and could receive offers worth as much as $11 million per year. If the Lakers do offer him more, he’s likely to take the discount to stay in L.A.

How tall is Malik Monk?

Malik Monk is an American professional basketball player for the Charlotte Hornets. He has a height of six feet three inches. Malik Monk was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and grew up there. He attended East Poinsett County High School. Malik began playing basketball during his freshman year and did not complete his last three years of college. Malik Monk is only twenty-two years old.